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Since 2017, ADG International has partnered the Opportunity International to support the implementation of their educational finance (EduFinance) projects in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) through capacity building measures or product and strategy development. During the past year EduFinance activities increased significantly, and ADG trained about 380 Bank and microfinance institutions (MFI) staff, helping them build and improve their educational finance products. The aim of these activities initiated by OI is not only for financial institutions (FIs) to finance schools and school owners to increase their outreach or quality through facility improvement, teacher salaries etc., but also to offer financial solutions for families in the form of school fee loans in addition to small business loans to grow the family’s income. To meet the demand of more and more FIs wanting to receive EduFinance trainings, ADG conducted a one week EduFinance master training in Nairobi in June 2018. During this master training ADG tutored and trained eight proven experts to conduct EduFinance trainings exclusively for ADG on highest professional level. Since June these ADG EduFinance trainers, together with the ADG in-house staff, have been active to give busy training across SSA and in the future for other regions as well. Given the success of this project as well as the experienced value and importance of these activities for a sustainable development of the region, ADG will continue its work in educational finance with OI in 2019.

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