New GIZ funded Project in Madagascar

AFC and its consortial partner ADG, have been awarded the contract for the GIZ project in Madagascar “Sur la mise en place d’une institution pour la gestion du Fonds National de l’Energie Durable (FNED)”. The major reason for the establishment of the project is the lack of access to clean and reliable supply of electricity, which forms a major impediment for the economic development and the environment of the country. Accordingly, the Malagasy government decided in its New Energy Policy in 2015 to generate 70% of the country’s energy from renewable energy sources for instance; solar power and wind energy by 2030. Such a huge project cannot be achieved without a proper funding from the public and private investors. Starting from June 2018, AFC and ADG’s support the financial institution and its entrusted FNED will make investments in renewable energy projects more attractive, secure and transparent. The project will result in a greater mobilisation of funds for such projects and will thereby support the government’s strategy outlined in its NPE

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Abbad El-Rayyes

Master of International Studies
Project Manager