Cooperative Bank of Oromia, Ethiopia on the trail of Raiffeisen


In the year of Raiffeisen’s 200th birthday, an Ethiopian delegation went back to the roots of the cooperative idea and the principles which are still valid and lived out until today. Totally in accordance with F.W. Raiffeisen’s quotation “What can't be done alone can be done together” the group was searching for experiences of the cooperative movement.

In that context representatives of the Cooperative Bank of Oromia as well as delegates from cooperative government bodies in Ethiopia visited Germany and the Netherlands to learn and exchange on experiences of the cooperative system, especially of agricultural and credit cooperatives.
Within a two-weeks programme several training sessions and site visits were conducted. Topics such as the German and Dutch cooperative system, governance and strategy in credit cooperatives as well as practical experiences and lessons learnt from practitioners were presented and discussed. Through this exposure visit the delegation was able to gain knowledge and to reflect on good practices which can be relevant and useful for the Ethiopian reality.

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