10th Financial Expert Day 2018


For the tenth time, ADG International and AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants jointly organized the Financial Expert Day (FED) at Montabaur castle, the headquarters of ADG, on January 08th and 09th of 2018.

The topic of this year’s Expert Day was “Developing Tools and Digital Solutions for Agricultural Finance Projects”. The fact that almost 30 participants from all over the world joined this year’s FED shows the high interest in and appreciation of such an annual event. Jointly with ADG’s/ AFC’s financial sector in-house staff, long term experts from ongoing projects, associated consultants and strategic partners had a unique possibility to exchange best practices and knowledge on agricultural finance and digital solutions.

The first day’s morning session of the event was allocated for sharing experience of ongoing projects of the consortium. Several experts gave presentations on their ongoing projects and recent lessons learnt related to the topic. After that, a discussion was followed by three broad topics, representing strategies to overcome the main challenges in agricultural finance, namely:

(i) mitigating risks in agricultural finance,
(ii) broadening outreach in agricultural finance sector, and
(iii) broadening range of agricultural finance products.

Experts representing three digital solution companies and an agricultural insurance company also shared their experience during  the event. Based on the existing experience and tools already in practice, the focus was set on the development of specific tools and discussion was carried out based on that. The event was successfully completed with workable and practical new ideas and a prototype to work further on enriching our toolbox.

Mr Meister and Mr Buschmeier, together with their teams want to thank everyone who contributed to the event and are glad to continue the same.

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