ADG International – At a glance

Since 2005 we, at ADG International, are transferring our experience in HR development and training in the German cooperative sector of over 40 years to the international level. We do so by adapting proven training formats and concepts within the local requirements of the respective country, sector, and institution.

What we do

We implement HRD-related projects in the field of financial sector development funded by international donors and materialize projects for cooperative associations. Moreover, we work directly with partners from the cooperative, the micro and the SME-finance sector. Our training is targeted to offer strategic HRD solutions and a new business perspective. To whom? First and foremost to managers and specialists of cooperative banks, international cooperative associations, international donor organizations and its beneficiaries, as well as financial institutions from the micro, SME and commercial environment.

What we offer and how we work

According to our client needs and their local perspective, we provide tailor-made HR development services, training, and HR consultancy worldwide. Our extensive pool of experts enables us to provide clients with innovative training, topics and methodology which is up-to-date and adjusted to the best international practice.

Key facts:

  • Internationally experienced in-house staff working as project managers and as experts/consultants in project execution
  • Pool of 1000+ national and international experts
  • More than 10 years of international and over 45 years of national experience in HR-services.
  • Tailor-made HR development worldwide.